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Hallelujah bananas 22 Mar 2003 · 04:30pm
mood  ·  silly

I thought it was just me, but I've always thought the opening bit of the Hallelujah Chorus in "Handel's Messiah" sounded like the old "Yes! We Have No Bananas" song. Anyway, I've just found a reference which suggests there might be a connection after all:

After the song became a hit, the Westman Company, which published the sheet music for Handel's Messiah took the publishers of "Bananas" to court, claiming that the melody was a direct steal from a portion of the Messiah. They won and were awarded a share of the song's profits.



Somebody set up us the bomb! 20 Mar 2003 · 02:43pm
mood  ·  indescribable

And just so it feels more like a video game, here are some 3D models of the planes that are going to be bombing the crap out of Baghdad. Good grief.

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Duck and cover 20 Mar 2003 · 01:41pm
mood  ·  blank

"Leave now and go home. Watch your children learn, grow and prosper."

The CNN site has a copy of the propaganda leaflets the Americans have been dropping on Iraq. It's pretty bizarre reading, almost like a glossy brochure...

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Fetch... THE COMFY CHAIR! 19 Mar 2003 · 02:38pm
mood  ·  pleased

I've just spent over an hour picking out a new computer chair at Arteil. This'll replace my bright orange, tattered and rickety old chair. The new one has all the good stuff, like gas-lift, armrests and built-in satellite navigation. It'll be a nice dark grey with subdued orange and burgundy highlights.

Unfortunately, it weighs in at around $600, and I'll have to wait three weeks. But you pay for quality... I've been wanting one of these for years!

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Well, here I am... 18 Mar 2003 · 11:03am
mood  ·  pensive

Like Homer says: "Always succumb to peer pressure."

The Fog of War rolls in. And so it begins.

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