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Derek and Clive vs Sauron?

Was watching Parkinson tonight (for the infamous Meg Ryan interview), and there was this pianist on before her. Karen thought he looked like Frodo, but he reminded me of Dudley Moore.

That got me thinking about something interesting, the way these silly trains of thought go: the classic British comedy version of Lord of the Rings.

So you'd have "Derek and Clive" as Frodo and Gandalf, with the Goodies as the other three hobbits (probably with Bill as Sam). Rowan Atkinson would make a good Wormtongue (or even Gollum), with Brian Blessed or Stephen Fry as Theoden. And of course, the riders of Rohan would be getting around with coconut shells, and the orcs would have suspiciously French accents...

Oh, and this for Karen: Dudley!
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