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Win a few, lose a few

It's alive! After 70 odd reboots, and with the help of something called ltnflash, I managed to resurrect the DVD burner. It's a pity I've already bought a replacement. Ah well, it can go in the computer at work for the time being. I'm about $200 down, but at least I now have two working, region free DVD burners.

Apparently one of my glowing SATA cables seems to have stopped glowing. So my poor computer still feels broken. I guess it's the least of my worries, though.

Yahoo has decided to deactivate my account for violating their terms of service. Unfortunately, I'm the sole moderator of a particular discussion group that's been around for a few years. Now I'll have to find a new home for it, and because I can't sign in to perform administrative duties, it'll die a slow, painful death. Bugger.

Again, it's something I've brought on myself, and it could have happened at any time. I just should have been more prepared...
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