zephyr (zephyro) wrote,

Art attack!

So, I spent a couple of hours in town today with mcowgirl and her friend, wandering around the art gallery and visiting an intreresting bookstore called "Arcane", which I've been meaning to check out for a while. mcowgirl also gave me my birthday presents - thanks! They're kewl, and I think I will stick "Whatever" bear in my car.

The art gallery had some interesting sights. One of the more amusing displays was Arlene Textaqueen's "Textanudes", a rather bizarre and lewd (lewdicrous?) set of erotic playing cards. There was also a rather dodgy painting of a bright blue dog sniffing a huge cow pat - kind of a "Blue's Clues" on acid - and some headache-inducing Aboriginal art.

And they had a huge, stunning painting, a dark forest scene - huge, black, gnarly and knotty old trees with an eery light seeping out from behind them. It vaguely reminded me of Tim Burton's "Sleepy Hollow" film.

They have a pre-Raphaelite exhibit on at the moment, with paintings from the Tate gallery. Joelle would love that if she was here. I wish she was here.

The bookstore was fun, too. We checked out plenty of lesbian and general erotica, and some books on body modification.

What wasn't so much fun was losing my car keys. I panicked a bit, and ended up retracing my steps and asking if they'd been handed at various places. Of course, they were in the car when I got back to it. I haven't done that for years, and felt like a complete berk. Fortunately, kowren came to my rescue with the spares.
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