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Wormhole X-Treme! 12 Jul 2004 · 09:48pm
Stargate: Atlantis

Wonder how many years we'll have to wait for it on TV here...

Trust me. I know what I'm doing. 08 Jul 2004 · 11:25pm
Sledge Hammer!, the ultimate "loose cannon", hits DVD this month!

At long last... 08 Jul 2004 · 11:22pm
Mike's blog! Not surprisingly, his doesn't seem to allow comments.

Who'da thunk it? 28 Jun 2004 · 10:00am
Grammar God!
You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

If your mission in life is not already to
preserve the English tongue, it should be.
Congratulations and thank you!

How grammatically sound are you?
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Good ol' Japanese censorship laws 27 Jun 2004 · 09:45pm
The rude bits are so well concealed in this fine piece of artwork.

Read Narumi's Most Unusual Story if you dare...

Derek and Clive vs Sauron? 21 Mar 2004 · 12:52am
mood  ·  silly

Was watching Parkinson tonight (for the infamous Meg Ryan interview), and there was this pianist on before her. Karen thought he looked like Frodo, but he reminded me of Dudley Moore.

That got me thinking about something interesting, the way these silly trains of thought go: the classic British comedy version of Lord of the Rings.

So you'd have "Derek and Clive" as Frodo and Gandalf, with the Goodies as the other three hobbits (probably with Bill as Sam). Rowan Atkinson would make a good Wormtongue (or even Gollum), with Brian Blessed or Stephen Fry as Theoden. And of course, the riders of Rohan would be getting around with coconut shells, and the orcs would have suspiciously French accents...

Oh, and this for Karen: Dudley!

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Win a few, lose a few 19 Feb 2004 · 11:22pm
mood  ·  frustrated

It's alive! After 70 odd reboots, and with the help of something called ltnflash, I managed to resurrect the DVD burner. It's a pity I've already bought a replacement. Ah well, it can go in the computer at work for the time being. I'm about $200 down, but at least I now have two working, region free DVD burners.

Apparently one of my glowing SATA cables seems to have stopped glowing. So my poor computer still feels broken. I guess it's the least of my worries, though.

Yahoo has decided to deactivate my account for violating their terms of service. Unfortunately, I'm the sole moderator of a particular discussion group that's been around for a few years. Now I'll have to find a new home for it, and because I can't sign in to perform administrative duties, it'll die a slow, painful death. Bugger.

Again, it's something I've brought on myself, and it could have happened at any time. I just should have been more prepared...

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40 Watt Club 13 Feb 2004 · 01:39pm
I'll never understand why people at work leave their computers on all the time, just to save a minute or two booting up in the morning. It doesn't make sense to me to leave them running about four times longer than necessary, doing absolutely nothing except for burning through hundreds of watts every hour and shortening their usable life.

Fair enough, if you're computer's downloading stuff or encoding DVD rips overnight or whatever, that's different. Or if it's a server, of course... But these ones just do nothing at all. And there must be millions like that around the country.

The least they could do is help look for aliens or study protein folding with their wasted cycles.
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Anubis 04 Feb 2004 · 10:32pm
mood  ·  geeky

Stupid mistakes aside, I want to show off my new computer.

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RTFM 04 Feb 2004 · 10:32pm
mood  ·  annoyed

Been a long time since I wrote, but I need to do this. It might serve as a warning for others.

I decided to make my DVD drives region free, so I tried out the RPCDE2 utility. I knew it'd be fine for the ROM drive, but the burner also appeared in the drop-down list, so I thought why not try it out...

Now I have a $200+ blinking orange light. Won't even read CDs.

Fuck me dead...


The wrong way to use grep 28 Jul 2003 · 10:40am
mood  ·  ditzy

Doing something like this is always a bad idea:

grep -r -i keg *.* >kegs.txt

It got up to 450 MB before I realised what was happening...


Luvverly spam 28 Jul 2003 · 12:52am
mood  ·  sleepy

This has got to be the most bizarre spam email I've ever received.

Dimensional warp Generator Needed a u eewwqqzrxCollapse )

And this could be the most humourous (if you think toilet humour counts...)

@@@ ENLARGE YOUR TURDS @@@ a Colonic Industries Inc PresentationCollapse )


Art attack! 28 Jul 2003 · 12:45am
So, I spent a couple of hours in town today with mcowgirl and her friend, wandering around the art gallery and visiting an intreresting bookstore called "Arcane", which I've been meaning to check out for a while. mcowgirl also gave me my birthday presents - thanks! They're kewl, and I think I will stick "Whatever" bear in my car.

The art gallery had some interesting sights. One of the more amusing displays was Arlene Textaqueen's "Textanudes", a rather bizarre and lewd (lewdicrous?) set of erotic playing cards. There was also a rather dodgy painting of a bright blue dog sniffing a huge cow pat - kind of a "Blue's Clues" on acid - and some headache-inducing Aboriginal art.

And they had a huge, stunning painting, a dark forest scene - huge, black, gnarly and knotty old trees with an eery light seeping out from behind them. It vaguely reminded me of Tim Burton's "Sleepy Hollow" film.

They have a pre-Raphaelite exhibit on at the moment, with paintings from the Tate gallery. Joelle would love that if she was here. I wish she was here.

The bookstore was fun, too. We checked out plenty of lesbian and general erotica, and some books on body modification.

What wasn't so much fun was losing my car keys. I panicked a bit, and ended up retracing my steps and asking if they'd been handed at various places. Of course, they were in the car when I got back to it. I haven't done that for years, and felt like a complete berk. Fortunately, kowren came to my rescue with the spares.

Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated... 28 Jul 2003 · 12:19am
I saw a Calvin and Hobbes strip in the paper the other day, which resonated with how I've felt about my LiveJournal these last few months. Calvin's comment that birds don't write their memoirs because they don't lead "epic lives" really rang true for me. Here's some commentary on the strip.

But people close to me keep telling me I should just write for myself, that I shouldn't worry about not being entertaining or witty enough. So, bugger the fourth wall, I guess. I'll have another go at this.

Unexpect the expected!

Stupid database tricks! 02 Apr 2003 · 02:52pm
mood  ·  shocked


I just did an update query on the "Company" table in our database at work, but forgot the WHERE clause!

Thank Flod for backups...


Don't mention the war! 02 Apr 2003 · 12:37pm
mood  ·  quixotic

Here's a fun article I got yesterday. Terry Jones (Monty Python) wrote an interesting letter to The London Observer recently...

Terry Jones on the war...Collapse )

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Over and done with 29 Mar 2003 · 04:33pm
mood  ·  relieved

Well, I survived that (but not intact...) The stitches have gotten all dry and bristly today, so I've removed a few that seemed to be hitting nerves. Only the ones around the bits that seem to be closed up properly. And they're getting ready to come out by themselves, anyway.

Been off work for the rest of the week, just on the computer playing System Shock 2. That's really an amazing game, and you can really see a lot of Deus Ex in it, with a lot of Thief and Half Life thrown in. Only cost me 13 bucks too!

Yay, I got my Happy Tree Friends DVD yesterday. :)

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"Cutting" remarks 24 Mar 2003 · 06:33pm
mood  ·  anxious

Well, tomorrow's the big day. I'm getting circumcised in the morning. Ouch.

If I hadn't had all these problems with phimosis and balanitis over the years, I'd be quite happy to keep my foreskin. Unfortunately, it seems to be beyond salvation and I'll have to learn to live without it. I'm kind of looking forward to it, since it shouldn't be uncomfortable or painful any more once it's healed up, and it will look a lot neater. It's just the thought of what the next week or so it going to be like that makes me a bit anxious... At least I've already had the "dorsal slit" procedure that's described in that first link, so I kind of know what to expect.

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Must never be seen 24 Mar 2003 · 06:12pm
mood  ·  dorky

Blue T-shirt and daggy green shorts. Fashion non-sense!

And really stupid, considering how cold and wet it was this morning...


Fun with electricity 22 Mar 2003 · 04:36pm
mood  ·  annoyed


The guy at the store where I bought my surge protector told me the phone line protector thingo would work with ADSL. I got it solely for the router, down in the dining room. No matter how I try to set it up though, all I get is crackling on the phone. The ADSL modem still works, but we have no phone if I use the surge protector. Sigh. And yeah, I've tried every configuration of connectors and filters and stuff...

I am excited about trying out my UPS, though. Need to wait until it's charged up before I can use it.


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